April 30th, 2009

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Im sure all you lovely adoring Merlin fans are up for a little bit of fun ♥!

I propose a pre-premier promotion event!! hehe thats wordy!
Heres what I mean:

Step 1: Be THE Merlin fan
Step 2: Go crazy about everything to do with Merlin
Step 3: Fidget uncontrollably until 6.30pm Sunday May 3rd 2009 (AEST)
Step 4: During 'Step 3' locate and post any side promotion of Merlin
For example: -Discovered at Woolworths, Liverpool Westfields on 28/4/09-

Merlin likes crumpets!Merlin likes GOLDEN crumpets!

Merlin likes GOLDEN Crumpets~

Step 5: At exactly 7.31pm Sunday May 3rd 2009(AEST), flood this community with all the Merlin goodness!~
Step 6: Find potential methods to track down Colin Morgan and Bradley James to flail exuberantly with..amongst other..things *shifty*
Step 7: You didn't hear ANYTHING from me..


*By reading this you have been Splotched*