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Share the Colin experience?!

Hey all!

I just thought it might be nice to make a post for those who made it to Brisnova and met Mr Morgan to share their experience! I don't really have anyone to flail to (apart from my poor mother) so I figured other people might want to flail here too.
Um um um yeah he has nice hands (!!!) and he high-fived me for trekking up from Melbs for the day, (cue giggly swoon) and he was just genuinely really excited about everything, it was so brilliant :D People would walk past him and say 'hi' quietly, and he'd just boom 'HEY, HOW YA DOING?!'. So fantastic. His smile is gorgeous and his voice is so lovely. He made time to talk to everyone he met, hugged all the kids who got photos with him and thanked absolutely everybody with a huge smile.

Also, um, the guy has a nice waist. Just saying. Those who got a photo with him will probably understand. Yeah.
Perhaps we can share photos here or something? I don't know if anyone else managed to get any stalker photos because of the Supanova nazis, but I got a few - my hands were super shaky because I was so nervous though, so they're blurry! Sorry!

I'll put them under the cut and people can share their own photos/experiences too if they want to!

Goddamn shaky hands!

THANK YOU TO THE LADY NEXT TO ME WHO OFFERED NOT TO MOVE, and thus allowed me to take sneaky creeper photos.
Did anyone get to the Q&A session today? I'd really love to hear about it/see some photos from anyone who got to be there!! :D
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