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merlinaustralia's Journal

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A community for all the Australian fans of the BBC's Merlin
Basically this is because we said someone should make one, so we could do meetups and discuss the Merlin fandom in the CONTEXT OF AUSTRALIA. (Because we rock, indeed)

SO join, post and be Merlin fanpeople (fangirls is gender specific, and therefore wrong :P)
  • Be nice to everyone. It's not a matter of life and death! If anyone is mean etc, I have the power to block them from the community! :O But no one will do that, so we're all good.

  • No icons/graphics etc, unless they are very AUSTRALIAN. There are plenty of places to post Merlin graphics around livejournal :)

  • Merlin will continue, and so there is a spoiler policy of NO SPOILERS at ALL for this season's unaired episodes. Season 3 UK-aired episode spoilers should be clearly labelled under a cut, so to be nice to new fans.

  • All post should relate to Australia AND Merlin, unless there is modly permission, and then it should relate to Merlin OR Australia. If the Australian link is not immediately obvious, it should be outlined clearly in the subject line or in the post itself.

  • Any post to do with ~~real life~~ will be, and must be, MEMBERS ONLY. This is to keep us all safe :P

Also can you take a couple of seconds to fill out the Location Poll so we can see where everyone's from? Thanks!
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