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ratings for 1x10

July 5 Sunday:

1 Masterchef Australia – Challenge Ten 1,979,000
2 Seven News – Sun Seven 1,768,000 39
3 Dancing With The Stars Seven 1,571,000
4 Bones Seven 1,419,000 43
5 Nine News Sunday Nine 1,386,000
6 Merlin Ten 1,378,000
7 Rove Ten 1,290,000

Is the 30 minute special included in the ratings of Merlin or is that separate??

Dancing with the Stars? Huh?

(doctor who) rory and amy

Discussion Post 1x10

Hey darlings :)

Don't forget it's an early start this week, 6pm for a behind the scenes ~special~

This IS exclusive to Australia, so if someone could record it and put it up I'm sure the rest of fandom will be thankful ^.^

Good work last week guys, it was quality over quantity! Let's keep it up this week :) Only 4 weeks to go (including this one :( )