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Merlin 3x01 - Discussion Post

3x01 - The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 1

Discussion Post

Hey guys! Hope you all remembered Merlin's on Ten tonight at 6:30!

So I've been pondering this for a little while, but it's only fair I ask you guys what you think too. For those of us that were here when S1 was airing, I'm sure you remember the discussion posts were extremely active. Merlin was new to Australia and people were excited about it, but perhaps more importantly, people were generally watching it for the first time all together. In subsequent seasons we've been in an odd position with the UK airing the season far ahead of the Australian networks. This has resulted in seemingly less enthusiasm in the discussion posts, since some people have watched already, and so on.

So, I don't know what we should do for the rest of S3. If people are keen and realistically think they are going to be here most weeks, then I'm totally happy to commit to posting a discussion post each week. But if not, it becomes a bit of a chore, posting it every week and committing to sitting here in front of the computer at that specific time, ready to respond to those that do show up (not that they're not delightful people!).

Therefore - a poll!

Poll #1739162 Merlin S3 on Ten

I am filling out this poll. (This is for numbers)


I am interested in having weekly watch-along posts as the episodes air.


I realistically think I will be around to watch and post comments each week.

Definitely yes
Probably yes
Probably not

Any other suggestions as to what you'd like to see in the community?

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3x01 Weekly Discussion Post

3x01 - The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 1

Weekly Discussion Post

HELLO, MERLIN FANS! So we're trying something new this year, and that is weekly discussion posts. :) No set time you have to be here, no time limit, just a nice ongoing discussion about the episode. According to Poll results you guys wanted these to go up on Mondays, so that's what we'll do - but if you haven't watched the episode yet, DO NOT FRET. Just rock up when you're ready and see what everyone's got to say! Hopefully this'll be a great way for members to get to know each other too. :)

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