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Just letting you all know that SUPANOVA Pop Culture Expo have announced that Colin Morgan will be attending the Brisbane convention this November 4-6th!! Full details on their facebook page, or the website:


For all you lucky bastards in Brisbane, I AM SO JEALOUS!

Also if there's anyone in Melbourne who wants to come up for Saturday the 5th with me, I'll most likely be doing one heck of a day-trip to meet him, unless they announce that he'll be at Melbourne's one in April 2012 as well. As I highly doubt this will be happening, anyone interested in taking the trek up there, feel free to contact me!

Congrats, Brisbane!

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Magic is sexy - article from The Courier Mail

Queensland's The Courier Mail newspaper today published an article on Merlin  that made me so proud and a little bit giddy. The writer gives so much praise, and we all know this show deserves it!! \o/  Colin and Angel are interviewed on the filming and share their thoughts on America re-telling the Camelot legend.

Article beneath the cut. (Sorry the image is cut off at the top, my scanner couldn't fit it. :( )

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